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How to choose a luxury REALTOR

You’re not just any homebuyer. After years of hard work, you’ve earned the greatest luxury of all: choice. So when it comes time to purchase or sell your home, we know you have higher standards. As such, the agent you choose should b...

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enjoy hot soup at winter

Make our favorite cold-weather eats this week!

As the weather cools, we often crave foods that are comforting and warming in our tummies. Here are some recipes that will hit the spot and deserve a place on your dining table (or lunchbox). If there’s one person who knows how to cre...

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Edgewater truly lives up to its name. The three-and-a-half-mile long borough sits on the west side of the Hudson River, giving residents a stunning view of the water. But don’t let Edgewater’s diminutive size fool you; there are plenty ...

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Act Fast: There are More Buyers Than Homes for Sale

If this is the year you are looking to buy a home, you might want to start working your way through the paperwork sooner rather than later. New home buyers need to act fast if they want to make sure they find the new home of their dreams to pur...

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When is the best time to sell your home?

Timing is a key element in successfully selling a home. You want to sell fast and get a good price for your property. To do these, you need your listing to generate a lot of traffic and, even more important, serious inquiries. How? Here are...

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What it means to buy a home ‘as is’

“As is” sales transactions have become more common in the real estate scene in recent months. Under these terms, owners sell their properties without upgrades or making any repairs. Selling properties “as is” is typical in a seller...

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