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Moving back to the ‘burbs

The Big Apple offers an urban living experience unrivaled anywhere in the world. So many people make the potentially life-changing move to pursue their passions and explore their opportunities in New York City. One curious phenomenon, however, has many urbanites scratching their heads. It appears that more and more people are moving back to the suburbs. Here are a couple of reasons why.

  1. Better real estate values

    New York City has one of the most expensive real estate markets in the world. People have found out that the amount of money they spend on their studios, one-bedroom apartments, and condos in the city can get them an actual home back in the suburbs. Rather than living in an apartment complex or a townhome, a suburban life means a single-family residence, complete with its own features and amenities.

  2. Family-friendly appeal

    Young couples who are starting families as well as those who are already expanding their unit have also found that living in a suburban community holds far more appeal than New York City. Neighborhood amenities like playgrounds, parks, and other recreational spaces are all located in a rather safe environment. It’s a whole different universe in the city, where the staggering amount of people, the traffic, and the urban layout can pose a threat for a child’s safety.

  3. NYC schools are overpopulated.

    Another factor that is attracting homeowners to move back to the suburbs is the overpopulation in NYC schools. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for a child to be waitlisted in a school, regardless of the grade, due to the lack of open seats. This forces families with school-age children to move somewhere else and try their luck on the neighborhood schools.

    In the suburbs, however, things are quite different. Schools in suburban communities around New York City are renowned for their academic and extra-curricular programs. And best of all, parents don’t need to worry about their child getting waitlisted in a school.

  4. Cultural, entertainment, and dining options.

    New York City takes the cake as possibly the most vibrant and diverse city in the United States, a melting pot of cultures and more. Contrary to popular belief, suburban communities can offer the same array of recreational and entertainment options.

    With the rise of the “surban,” the suburban landscape is slowly changing into that of a sprawl where residents can enjoy the best of suburban and urban living. More amenities, services, restaurants, cultural spaces, and entertainment options are popping up in the suburbs to give life a new spin. And people like it.

Are you thinking of leaving the city life for the comforts of the suburbs? Bergen County in New Jersey is home to a collection of boroughs that blend suburban living with a unique urban flair. Best of all, it’s located in close proximity to the Big Apple.

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