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Stacy Esser: Expertise is the Cure for ‘Stage Fright’

With today’s real estate marketplace more competitive than ever, sellers need their homes to make a lasting first impression. Effective home staging can make that impression, and it can be the difference between buyers moving on or making an offer.

Some sellers still balk at the idea. Some believe home staging is too expensive or too much work. Some think their home doesn’t need any staging at all- that what appeals to them will appeal to everyone. A few may even feel a bit insulted at the suggestion.

The reality is that staging remains one of the best ways to prepare a home for the market, increase its value and facilitate an efficient sale, precisely what every seller strives for. Home staging doesn’t have to be a big investment of time or money, either. On the contrary, it can be as simple as de-cluttering, cleaning, organizing and/or accessorizing a home. These easy, inexpensive and straightforward steps can make all the difference.

Clients who list their home with The Stacy Esser Group have the added benefit of Stacy’s free and highly valuable concierge staging services. As a Certified Staging Professional, Certified Marketing Professional and founder of Time to Stage and Staged to Live, Stacy utilizes her time-tested expertise and her background as a former top executive with high-profile fashion companies to recognize the power of merchandising as it relates to buying and selling a home.

Approaching each staging opportunity differently, Stacy regards each home as unique and as individual as the clients who own them. She and her team handle home staging with great care and consideration, adapting to shifting trends in what buyers look for, building on the emotional connection buyers can make, and highlighting a home’s greatest assets. The result is an aesthetically pleasing setting that buyers can envision themselves living in and an impression that stays with them long after their walk-through.

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