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Thinking About Selling Your Home? Send in the Drones

Drone View House

Drone photography captures the sweep of this listed home from Stacy Esser

Drones have been hailed as the most important technology to be used for real estate marketing since the dawn of the internet. Here’s what you need to know about this new marketing trend:

What are drones?

Drones have been used by the military for years – also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), these aircrafts can be flown without a pilot and are commonly deployed in circumstances when manned flights would be too challenging or risky.

UAVs are steered by a ground control station, ranging in size from small insect-shaped aircrafts to massive planes.

The small version of these unmanned aircrafts has become popular for recreational use over the last few years. These remote-controlled drones are a more technologically-advanced version of model airplanes that hobbyists have used for decades.

While most hobbyists play with drones just for the thrill of launching an object into the sky, they can also be used to take high-quality aerial videos and photographs.

Drones for real estate marketing

Drones are being used to take stunning videos and photos of homes from hundreds of feet in the air. This lets marketers highlight the details of large estate-style properties, giving buyers a bird’s eye view of the home.

These aircrafts can also be used to create dramatic shots and videos – for instance, marketers can take footage of the home as the drone flies over the driveway and into the home’s receiving area.

Glidecams, or ground-based remote-controlled drones, can also be used to take footage of home interiors, resulting in high definition video tours that have amazing flow and quality.

Limitations of drones for real estate marketing

Despite the advanced camera features that drones possess, they will not be able to take all the shots needed for a marketing campaign. Drones are not suited for:

  • Taking fixed and carefully-focused photos. Drone shots are likely to make a home’s flaws appear larger on camera.
  • Taking shots of small interior spaces, such as condos and apartments.
  • Taking standard street-level photos that play up a home’s curb appeal.
  • Capturing footage of homes that are covered by trees and other buildings.

The benefits of using drones

The majority of buyers start their search online, so it’s imperative to produce high quality photos and video tours. Drones can help you create high-end marketing collateral.

Dramatic shots of the home will make the property look more appealing to buyers, making them more likely to schedule a tour of the home. A virtual tour of the home’s exterior and interior features also enables you to highlight the property’s strongest selling points.

An aerial view of the home allows you to present all the features of the property in one go. Drones can capture footage not just of the home, but also of the whole lot and its surrounding areas. This gives buyers a clearer picture of what they’re paying for.

Luxury real estate marketers have begun incorporating drones into their campaigns since these aircrafts are best suited for large properties with amenities like outdoor swimming pools and tennis courts. Drones help them produce movie-quality walkthroughs of the property and other first-rate marketing materials.

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