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Top 2017 design trends for luxury homes

Paneling Wall Decor

”Greenery,” the color of the year, works best with earth tones. (Photo by Gladiathor)

Is your luxury home keeping up with the times? Get up to speed with the year’s top home décor trends:

Greenery and neutral-meets-saturated

Greenery, the Pantone Color Institute’s 2017 Color of the Year, is a bright and verdant shade that represents a notable move towards saturated colors. Its back-to-nature theme is refreshing in any setting.

While attention-grabbing on its own, Greenery works best with warmer and more subdued wood and earth tones. The combination can effectively suggest an outdoors feel within the four walls of your home. This supports another important color trend for the year: combinations of neutral and saturated hues that create lively contrast to home interiors.

“We’ll see rich, earthy tones on the walls,” says Amelia Ohm of LuxeColor, sharing her insights with “Meanwhile, cool colors like greens and blues with dark grey undertones will show up in furniture.”

Metal mania

The popularity of industrialist and minimalist design is coming together in creative ways this year. Unconventional combinations, such as silver-and-nickel and brass-and-chrome, provide sophisticated accents to interior areas such as kitchens.

Using varying finishes also works well in the modern luxury home. Interior designer Elizabeth Lawson shares with that satin or brushed brass is gaining traction in her field. Its transitional look and feel complement various aesthetic themes.

“Satin brass looks amazing against any color of the rainbow,” she says. “I think we’ll continue seeing rooms with satin brass, possibly mixed with other finishes for a more eclectic look.”

Functional minimalism

Open space is in, but homeowners and builders are being smart not to compromise the home’s usability. Modular and convertible storage solutions are becoming the norm, even in expansive luxury properties. In kitchens, for example, designers are doing away with clunky upper cabinets, replacing them with storage options that disappear into a single wall.

Even appliance design is adapting to the trend, being designed either to be tucked into walls and countertops when not in use, or simply to sit flush with the walls and adjacent cabinets.

Voice-activated assistants

Smart home technologies continue to evolve, becoming more practical additions instead of just novelty features. This year, voice-activated assistants are projected to be the big draws. The technology is still quite new; not all appliances are integrated with the Google Home or Amazon Alexa smart home “ecosystems” so far, but all signs are pointing towards large-scale adoption of these automation technologies in the future.

Sooner rather than later, calling out “Alexa” or “OK, Google” across your luxury home will be the norm, and activities like turning lights on and off, firing up your home entertainment system for a movie marathon, or checking the latest breaking news will just be a matter of a spoken prompt.

Laundry luxe

Laundry rooms are getting some much-deserved, if unexpected, love in 2017. The remodeling and design experts from acknowledge the trend in their 2016 Houzz & Home Report, noting that an average of $2,700 is currently being spent on laundry rooms of 150 square feet or more.

Laundry room redesigns are in tune with other trends that favor bright, open spaces and smart, minimalist storage solutions. New constructions are also considering building these rooms upstairs, so that there’s no need to carry baskets of clothes up and down the house before and after laundry time.

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