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Spend your rainy day indoors on DIY crafts you can do with your children

It’s always good to have a few kid-friendly craft projects stored in your repertoire, ready to break out when you and your family find yourselves unable to go out and enjoy the sunshine. Crafts are a great way to encourage creativity, use some supplies you might have lying around the house, and spend quality time with each other.

Here are a few ideas you might want to consider!

  1. A kitchen herb garden

    As exasperating as it is for those who are stuck with the laundry chores, many kids enjoy playing in the dirt. Fortunately, there’s a way to make it at least worthwhile for you too – growing herbs like basil or rosemary in an empty fruit crate that you can keep in the kitchen. Not only will this keep you with a supply of fresh herbs for cooking, it might also cultivate an interest about plants and cooking in your children!

  2. A Lego creation station

    However innovative the Lego company is, they haven’t really gotten around to fixing how painful it is to step on a single brick when you’re barefoot. So the next best thing to do is to make sure that they’re off the floor and stored properly. With a flat board, Lego baseplates, a few plastic drawers, and some stools, you and your kids can assemble a tabletop play area with enough storage for all their brick pieces and manuals.

    Recycle an old entertainment unit to create a play kitchen, workshop, lab, or clinic

    This may require more carpentry than the others on this list but if you’ve been wondering what to do with your old-school TV and VCR cabinet, consider freshening it up with a coat of paint and adding a few accessories to turn it into your child’s custom playset. Allowing them to give their input and help out with simpler parts of the process will give them ownership of the playset and make it even more special to them.

  3. A glitter globe

    This quick project is sure to appeal to your children’s love for sparkly things. All you really need is a clear glass jar with a lid, a figurine they want to feature in the globe, some waterproof glue, glitter, water, and glycerin. The good news is you probably have most of these items at home and it doesn’t take long to assemble – you just glue the toy to the inside of the lid of the jar, fill your jar with water, put a few drops of glycerin, and then add as much glitter as you want. It’s the perfect project for kids (and adults) with relatively short attention spans.

  4. A DIY car track or city

    Create your own custom city with washi tape and some boxes. Use the tape to “draw” roads, tracks, or maps on the floor, the cardboard boxes to create buildings or an obstacle course, and then let your little ones go wild with their “Hot Wheels” or “Matchbox” cars. Or hey, they can even let their dinosaur toys go on a rampage through their new city.

  5. Bake or cook something tasty!

    Everyone likes to eat, so if you’re stuck inside, coming up with something yummy to eat sounds like a good idea. You can whip up a quick snack, cook family favorites, or go with a new dish you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t had a chance to. Another option? Make it a cooking contest àla “Top Chef” and see what family members come up with!

Staying home doesn’t have to be lame or boring. We feel that, with projects like these, you can enjoy creating things with your family and maybe DIY days can become a regular event, rain or shine.

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